Facebook Fan Pages after the IPO: Pay to Post or Perish?

Raise your hands, who’s tired of the Facebook Promoted Post box popping up relentlessly on your fan page each time you post?

And, is it my imagination or does it seem that even fewer fans are seeing your posts after the Facebook IPO?

Blame it on EdgeRank, Facebook’s algorithm for determining what appears in your fans’ news feeds, or what does not appear at all. EdgeRank analyzes your page and posts based on what you post, how often you post and whether or not fans interact with your page. If fans don’t like or share or comment on your posts, EdgeRank does not count them and your page posts will disappear from their newsfeeds.

EdgeRank is nothing new but it seems that since the Facebook initial public offering, some pages’ fan visibility dropped as quickly as Facebook’s share value.  Two weeks after the IPO, Facebook announced the new Promoted Posts option for status updates on brand pages so you can buy the eyeballs of your fans that you already have.  So, when the page administrator enters a new status update, there is now an additional button next to the blue ‘Post’ box, offering a drop-down menu that says ‘Promote.’

Without some form of Facebook advertising, it is estimated that most pages’ newsfeeds reach 7-12 percent of their followers. So what can small businesses and non-profits, that can’t afford to “pay to post” or risk turning off fans, do?

And for others who are considering advertising, you walk a thin line between annoying fans with commercial messages and keeping them informed. Fans want to receive your updates—that’s why they follow you—but how will they feel if your Facebook page becomes inundated with advertising via status updates?

For those of us who have worked hard to earn fans who want to see our posts, it’s time to tweak our tactics. We’ve known that a blog  is one of the best ways to increase your website’s SEO. A blog can also help to increase your fan visibility on Facebook. Retail consultant Cindy Baxter has posted some helpful tips about using your blog to publish directly to Facebook using RSS Graffiti which I’ll be trying in the weeks to come and will keep you updated on the results. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried this and or any other tactic to keep your fans receiving your newsfeeds.

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Stacy July 9, 2012 at 3:02 pm

Yes . I have tried it. I have gone from disgusted to amused with all the changes . Can hardly weight for Facebook 3.0. Off to google+ now.


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